Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management

How much of the time do we operate under the assumption that “nothing bad’s going to happen?”  Or how about a close relative to that thought: “nothing too bad is going to happen.”  Losses happen all the time and sometimes they are beyond our control.  That’s true, however, is your team positioned in such a way that critical losses are avoided?  Does your team have recent training or recent practice of loss prevention?  Remember, it’s one thing to have a training and a certificate hanging on your wall or a credential in your pocket, however, that doesn’t mean anything if your team and its leaders haven’t recently practiced those critical skills necessary to keep themselves, others, and your investment safe.

Usually time and money (and the old axiom that time = money) are the main reasons why we don’t practice the best risk management.  We go on thinking that things will continue to go on as usual and nothing too bad will happen.  At that point, we’ve let our guard down and settled for cruise control when we should be practicing a higher level of alertness.

However, we don’t want to swing to the other side of the spectrum and be on such a heightened state of mind that we see danger lurking behind every corner.  We need that middle ground of practicing what we call “Relaxed Awareness,” which is like using defensive driving while behind the wheel.  You’re paying attention for hazards and changes that could indicate a more heightened level of awareness, but if nothing triggers the alarm, then you’re able to hang out in that “relaxed awareness” all day long.  You should always be on guard, but not too much, nor too little.

At VERGING DYNAMICS, we’re here to help your team be the best it can possibly be.  We believe that ZERO incidents and accidents is a possibility.  We also believe that safety isn’t brought on by a few posters and pep talks, it begins with our attitudes and willingness to give of ourselves for the better of the team.  We need to have each other’s backs out there because at the end of the day, we all go home to our families, friends, and loved ones that care about us and depend on us.  If you or your business could benefit from a fresh perspective on risk management and loss prevention, then please give us a call today!

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