Learning From Experience

Darryl Jenkins

Have you ever had a near miss and said, “well I’ll never do that again?!”  And then the next near miss happens, weeks or months later.  “I’ll never do that again…” and so it goes until the near miss turns into a bonafide incident.  This is a different spin on the phrase “getting lucky,” all the while we’re building a higher and higher house of cards.

There’s often one main thing that happens which triggers the level of alertness where you recognize something bad almost happened or is about to happen unless we do something about it, AND QUICK!  However, a proper attitude towards safety, combined with a behavioral and situational awareness begins to identify and pick up on the cues so that you’re aware that you’re standing on a house of cards before the near miss happens.

That’s where VERGING DYNAMICS and our Behavior Based Safety program comes in!  Improving a culture of safety doesn’t happen on its own and it doesn’t happen with posters, emails, reports, or analyses.  It doesn’t happen in training seminars or with issuing better PPE.  It happens in the midst of connections, relationships, and mentorship throughout each and every day of the job.  It happens when there’s not the unspoken pressure to hurry up but there IS a spoken and behavioral follow-through with slowing down when you notice the house of cards beginning to stack up.

Research shows that just trusting that someone learns from experience on a regular basis doesn’t actually happen.  That’s because there are so many complex and compounding factors that occur over the long haul that you don’t often experience the direct result of each decision in terms of “was it a good or bad decision.”  The feedback isn’t automatic and we’re not always that good at picking up on it.  We’re creatures of habit, and those habits, which often stem from inward attitudes and thoughts, make up our behaviors.

Therefore, what we need is more sets of eyes on what’s happening and people willing to slow down and speak up.  You can’t force it and you can’t teach it in a one hour workshop.  Having experienced leaders and mentors on your team, such as those that VERGING DYNAMICS brings, will open up the lines of communication and nurture to life the culture of safety.  We don’t want to be the outsiders coming in to tell you everything that’s wrong, we want to be the people alongside, partnering with, and bringing positivity, awareness, and challenging you and your team to take it to the next level.  For us, the main thing is always the main thing and that’s treating people right and looking after each other because we know that our families are always on our minds, especially this time of year.  Finally, we want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hoping that you get to spend it with people that you love!

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