How “Bought In” Is Your Team?

Have you ever been part of a team where someone, or maybe just about everyone, was there just to collect a paycheck?  Would you want someone like that watching your back or protecting an important, and costly, piece of equipment for your job site?

There are lots of different levels of engagement and commitment when it comes to a team and its members.  Recognizing that there in fact are different levels of engagement can help to figure out who’s on your team and who’s in it for themselves as well as to gauge how to best motivate your team to success.

The highest level of engagement is commitment: The commited person shares and contributes towards the vision of the team and wants to make it happen.  From time to time, a committed person may notice that “the rules” are holding back the vision from coming into current reality and will find a way around the rules or change the rules.

Next, there’s someone who’s enlisted: These people share the vision but not so much the drive to make things happen.  They will stay within the confines of the rules at all times and if the rules keep things from happening, that’s OK.  The rules become like a set of bumpers at the bowling alley, sure they help you succeed, but ultimately they’ll hold you back from joining the pros.

Third there’s compliance:  You can also break down compliance into a lot of different levels within itself, but ultimately, compliant people may or may not agree with the vision.  They may do anything from “above and beyond” to the “bare minimum” to keep the job.  You’ll notice the difference between compliance and enlistment with regard to people’s motivation to create something new and taking on leadership versus being a “good soldier.”

Lastly, there’s apathy: They could care less, have no interest in the vision or the team.  They may ask “what time is it”…because it’s five-o-clock somewhere right?

Unfortunately, sometimes, finding the right team means letting some people go who ultimately are going to hold you back from success.  In the end, I’d rather have someone who’s motivated to watch my back and to achieve team growth and team goals than someone who’s collecting a paycheck.

If you’re interested in bettering your team you need the right people in the right places.  Some would argue that you can train the right type of people but that’s a different story for a different day.  Call VERGING DYNAMICS today for that outside voice of a coach and a partner who believes in your team being its very best.  VERGING DYNAMICS employs the sound practices of mentorship and interpersonal skills through Behavior Based Safety principles to get you and your team where it needs to be.  There’s no compromise when it comes to the best and we believe that you deserve it!

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