Un-Common Sense Safety
August 24, 2014
Un-Common Sense Safety

Much of the culture today, especially for youth, revolves around technology.  Texting and email has become a common form of communication and personalized phone calls and face to face--rather than...

Henry Ford With 1921 Model T
July 16, 2014
Learning from Failures

The words “epic fail” have permeated our Western American culture in the past few years with reference to botching a skateboarding trick or cliff diving and pancaking the water.  In...

Alaska Hazard Hunt Inspections
June 18, 2014
Comfort vs. Safety Zone: Are you Relevant?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “get out of your comfort zone?”  In this context, we’re not just talking about trying something new just for fun, we’re talking about...

Pro-active Communication Improves a Culture of Safety
May 31, 2014
Pro-active Communication Improves a Culture of Safety

No, don’t worry there isn’t a form for a “near-near miss,” but I can make one up for you if you like! If you do have a form for that,...

Alaska Incident report training
May 16, 2014
Incident Report Training on the Ground Level Part 2

If Behavior Based Safety doesn’t focus on practical, actionable behaviors then it doesn’t work. The last post introduced incident report training on the ground level. Now let’s get practical! Below...

Anchorage Incident Report Training
April 30, 2014
Incident Report Training on the Ground Level Part 1

How many people in your organization know how to fill out an incident form? Is this an expectation? Should it be? Is it only for field managers or should crew...

Safety & Emergency Actions Plans
April 14, 2014
How Slowing Down Makes You Go Faster, Better, Stronger

Ever heard of Paul Petzoldt? He was a man of mythic proportions. Petzoldt, raised in southern Idaho, loved the outdoors, but especially the mountains. At the age of 16, he...

BBS Safety Alaska
March 28, 2014
Raising the Bar on BBS Safety

Which roles within an organization are most responsible for building a culture of safety? The people on the ground or the management? I would argue that management are most responsible...

Alaska Disaster Response Plans
February 20, 2014
Small Business Disaster Response Plans

Verging Dynamics provides specialized sustaining safety & health in extreme weather operations emergency management ( Safety, Survival, & Health) or (HSE) safety needs. Contact us is today and find out...

February 12, 2014
Another Very Bad Idea
Verging Synamics Safety Training Alaska
January 25, 2014
A Very Bad Idea